Who We Are

Our chapter was founded in 1994 by people dedicated to the protection and enhancement of pheasant and other wildlife populations in North America through habitat improvement, land management, public awareness, and education. Such efforts benefit landowners and wildlife alike. Pheasants Forever's unique system of county chapters allows 100% of net funds raised by chapters to remain at the chapter level for local habitat projects.

Our parent organization, Pheasants Forever, focuses on habitat and conservation issues, hunter protection, and education. Youth are the future. Pheasants Forever's "Not Child Left Indoors" is just one of many programs for youth. Our local chapter also recognizes the need to highlight youth hunters, for they are the future of our sport, so every year we host a Youth-Mentor hunt, where we pair mentors and dog handlers with youth at a local hunting refuge for a pheasant hunt. See the article below about the 2018 Youth-Mentor Hunt.

You can become part of our growing group of proud hunters, who are determined to carry the venerable sport of hunting well into the future. Come to one of our meetings and join our chapter. You will find that your membership is an investment in the security of pheasant habitat and the upland hunting tradition.

What We Do
  • Protect, restore, and enhance wildlife habitat by establishing and maintaining local and regional projects 
  • Develop, distribute, and foster conservation education 
  • Introduce and advance prudent conservation policy 
  • Acquire and preserve critical habitat through public land acquisition open to public hunting

Pheasants Forever: The Habitat Organization

Two factors affect pheasant populations above all others: habitat and weather. While we can’t control the weather, we can influence the quality and quantity of upland habitat. Habitat is what supports long-term strong and healthy pheasant populations. Since forming in 1982, Pheasants Forever has created or enhanced wildlife habitat on more than 14 million acres across the United States and parts of Canada. With a network of more than 700 chapters and 145,000 members across the United States and Canada, Pheasants Forever is able to accomplish thousands of wildlife habitat projects annually.

For more information, please visit the national Pheasants Forever website:

Youth Programs

The Future of Pheasants Forever

All of the efforts made today by Pheasants Forever have little impact without future conservation leaders taking a stand for wildlife habitat conservation. With this in mind, Pheasants Forever has become a leader in youth initiatives among other conservation groups and strives to create the conservation leaders of the future.

A Day for Youth Hunters

Wind, nor rain nor chance of flood could keep a great day of hunting from happening at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve. That is just how the day, January 7th, 2018, began for the Yolo County Chapter #566 Pheasants Forever Mentor Youth Hunt.

A blazing fire inside the clubhouse greeted the sixteen youth participants and their families as they arrived for sign-in. The youth were broken into groups which included one youth hunter, a chaperone and a guide with well-trained dogs, as they ventured into the field to go after some beautiful pheasants. Each youth came back from their adventure successful in their quest and with a smile a mile wide, despite the cold biting wind and being wet clear through. Some participants waited around the clubhouse and took advantage of the clay shooting practice before their shoot time and others ventured there after their hunt.

At the end of the hunt, they were treated to a wonderful cheeseburger meal and soda prepared by the kitchen at Hastings Island. Each youth received a raffle prize at the end of the event, with one lucky youth leaving the proud owner of a Henry Crickett rifle.

Each January this event is held at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve. It is open to youth hunters in Yolo County and beyond. Yolo County Chapter #566 of Pheasants Forever would like to give a big thank you to Hastings Island Hunting Preserve and their excellent staff for hosting this event.

Pheasants Forever Education:  No Child Left Indoors

Pheasants Forever's concerted effort to actively recruit conservation leaders for the future is part of the organization's No Child Left Indoors Initiative. As part of this effort, our organization is dedicated to working with members, chapters, and conservation partners to provide opportunities for youth and their families to share our outdoor traditions.

See the national Pheasants Forever Youth website for more information:

Chapter Officers
President Mike Mullins
Vice-President Craig Leutz
Treasurer Debbie Rynearson
Secretary Debbie Rynearson
Habitat Coordinator Kim Mullins
Membership Coordinator Debbie Rynearson
Public Relations Coordinator Craig Leutz
Banquet Chair Jeff Jordan / Mike Karmizan
Veterans and R3 Coordinator Craig Leutz
Youth Coordinator Mike Mullins
Southwest Regional Representative Lauren Stamm
Director at Large Kevin Goodner
Director at Large Denise Leutz
Director at Large Steve Rambo
Director at Large Cassandra Peterson
Director at Large Chris Berg
Director at Large Ethan Rynearson
Director at Large Ron Rynearson
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